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Third, and Grave Modes

Third Mode

About the mode

The third mode is considered to be the Phrygian mode, and belongs to the harmonic genre.


The third mode uses the harmonic scale:

Listen to the scale.

Master and ending notes

In eirmologika and stiherarika the master notes are Ga, Ke, and Pa. In papadika, the master notes are Ga, Ke, Zo, Ni. The ending notes are in the note Ga.

Grave Mode

About the mode

The Grave mode is similar to the Under-Phrygian mode of ancient times; is called grave because has the lowest base(Zo) from all the other modes.


The Grave Mode uses
1) the harmonic scale:

harmonic scale

2) the diatonic scale, with Zo the base note.

Master and ending notes

The master notes of grave mode are Ga, Di, Zo in harmonic music writings, and Pa, Ga, and Di in diatonic pieces.

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